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Apprasail and Advisory

The service allows to determine the market value of the property to the state of fact (as it is) and the assessment of the performances in case of highest and best use. The evaluation is necessary when the property is salling or looking for a new management company, or when a hotel renovation is needed in order to increase profitability. These activities are carried out using established methods and shared by the Italian market and abroad.


Market valuation

Valuation object:

  • hotel asset value
  • assessment of rent value
  • assessment of company value


Strategic Advisory

Valuation object:

  • check of the current management's performance
  • hotel's relaunch
  • structure's reclassification
  • renovations and extensions


Market analysis: Analysis of the previous, current and future market environment.

Real Estate Valuation:

  • real estate technical analysis;
  • historical results analysis;
  • income statement forecast;
  • asset value assesstment through various criteria (income, financial, market, cost of reconstruction).


Market analysis:Analysis of the previous, current and future market environment.

Technical-economic advisory:

  • real estate technical analysis;
  • strategic analysis and market positioning;
  • layout instructions and work's planning;
  • income statement forecast and expected profitability's estimation.
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